We’ve handed out over 1,000 backpacks to people in need. Take a look at some of our events!

Upcoming events

Thanksgiving 2022 event

Thanksgiving 2022 event


Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

Join us once again for our annual Thanksgiving meal event. We’ll be partnering up with the Salvation Army, Changed Church, and New Wealth Advisors Club to bring hot meals to those in our community who are experiencing homelessness. Please consider donating if you’d like to support this event.

Previous events

Thanksgiving 2021 event


Another great Thanksgiving handout in partnership with the Salvation Army and ChangedChurch.org. We gave out 280 meals to the local population of Riverside, CA!

March 2021 Handout

March 2021 Handout

This March was again difficult due to the homeless population being so dispersed throughout Riverside County during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a result we hit the road and helped those who were on the streets, and on their own.

December 2020 Handout

This December we’ve handed out 200 bags to those in need! Thanks go to Changed Church who, once again, aided us with this handout. This time was particularly tricky due to the homeless population being so dispersed throughout Riverside County, as a result we hit the road and helped those who were on the streets, and on their own.

Thanksgiving 2020 Handout

This Thanksgiving we’ve been out once again in Riverside to help the homeless community. This time, with the help of the Salvation Army and Changed Church, we’ve given out approximately 400 meals to those in need! We’re so grateful to the Salvation Army for hosting us!

September 2020 Handout

This September we handed out 180 bags to the homeless population, it was a very difficult handout as recent action by the government has seen many homeless encampments moved on.

Thankfully some have been placed into motels as a temporary measure but there are still many people experiencing homelessness on our streets, those that have been left behind are in worse conditions than they were before.

June 2020 Handout

Here’s a video recap of the June 2020 bag handout. 150 bags were handed to those in need in San Bernardino and Riverside! The Covid-19 crisis has hit the homeless community hard so this handout was even more important than normal.

March 2020 Handout

March 2020 Handout

The latest 125 bags have been handed out, some were given to our friends at the New Wealth Advisors Club for their club members to hand out and 65 were handed out by the Restoring Dignity team at Massachusetts Ave, Riverside on Wednesday March 11th!

Christmas 2019 Handout

Another great day for Restoring Dignity! 100 bags handed out along with a load of water and blankets, happy holidays!

Thanksgiving 2019 Meal Handout

Take a look and see how we turned Thanksgiving 2019 into a 70 meal handout in less than an hour! We also handed out 50 blankets to the homeless community.

September 2019 Handout

September 2019 Handout

Stepping it up to 75 bags handed out during our second handout!

August 2019 Handout

The first handout for Restoring Dignity was a huge success, over 50 bags were handed out to help the homeless. Check out this video for an intro to who we are and what we do!