We are committed to helping restore dignity for the homeless population of Southern California.

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Adrian Bradley, President & Founder

Our mission is to provide essential hygiene needs for the homeless population within Riverside, CA and others areas within the Inland Empire. Our belief is that if we can help the homeless to feel good about themselves and to have the confidence to move past the obstacles that have been placed in their path, they in turn will be able to restore dignity within themselves. In providing a lightweight backpack full of the daily essentials such as: toothbrushes, toothpaste and body soap, we know we can help the homeless gain back their dignity and empower them to get back on their feet.

The success of our non-profit would be to get the vast majority of the homeless population in the Inland Empire pointed in the right direction to where they start thinking of themselves as productive citizens of society once again. Success would also look like us partnering with corporations, community groups and city officials to develop a comprehensive program to where we have the ability to obtain and travel with our mobile showers, mobile washer and dryers to the areas where the homeless encampments are and provide them with the opportunity to shower and wash their clothes. In doing so, hope is restored to their lives."

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Melina Boswell

Melina Boswell New Wealth Advisors Club

New Wealth Advisors Club

Adrian and the whole team at Restoring Dignity are a true inspiration, and define what it means to put people before the dollar. Selflessly helping lift up those around them, this is what it means to be a community!

Pastor Sly Wallace

Pastor Sly Wallace Changed Church

Changed Church

I can tell you that as a veteran, I’ve been homeless before. I’ve been sleeping in cars. I know what that feels like. I’ve had different bouts with many different conditions, even mental health issues and and just seeing the love of groups like Resotring Dignity is significant. I wouldn’t be where I am if it had not been for people like Restoring Dignity.

Captain David Cain

Captain David Cain Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Homelessness is a rising need. We we believe that every person is invaluable in God’s eyes. They’re irreplaceable and we want to treat them as such. And so we’re really grateful when we can align ourselves with other organizations like Restoring Dignity that feel the same way and that love and serve people.

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